Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Come What May

There is a special time of the year that I always look forward to. It is when spring reaches its glorious point: with its green coming out, the flowers blooming in all their beauty, and it finally comes the time to bring our lovely selves out there with our (new) sexy shades and clothes! Bless, only one (or two) layer(s) needed! Ever since I can remember, no matter what I am doing and whomever I am spending it with [and not], the month of May has always been my favorite moment of the year!

We all have noticed how time goes by so fast. It is already May... As a matter of fact, many of us may have the impression of not being able to keep up with the pace. Something and everything is always happening! Work has to be done, exams are to be prepared, errands are to be run, summer holidays are to be organized (though we shall not complain about that!)... Don't we sometimes feel like life is moving one step ahead of us and it is quite hard to catch up with it? But even though I feel the immense stress and the time pass much quicker during this period of the year, knowing that the academic year is on its final straight line, I cannot help but be mesmerized by/during this month. 

Something sensational in me arises -- each time, every single year. And the funny thing is that I cannot really define the taste, whether it is sweet or spicy. Light flutters. Like a grasshopper jumping from one leaf to another, like a faded smile wanting to reappear, as if the heart had its own melody... It is an afternoon delight slowly melting in my mouth: at times it is sweet and fruity; other times, the feeling is more spicy and hot. Maybe it is the sun or even the rain, it is  perhaps due to that particular smell or the season's sale, we are also able to take the coffee outdoor at last... Or, in the end, isn't it simply because of all this positive energy that we people produce? It is then no wonder why 'love is in the air' is a common belief during this period.  

I grew very fond of May over the years. And I presume I will always be ridiculously, deeply, unbelievably smitten with May... Like love, it is a beautiful feeling and I do not know why and how it has such an effect on me. It just has. And like love, all I know is that every single second of this month will take me to a higher place. I am clueless to how and why; but it just does, without any particular reason behind it. Sounds a lot like love, doesn't it? Come what may.