Monday, May 24, 2010

The first date

The moments before one of the most stressful situations ever called the first date; and the impression you get – from that person in all his *something something*, from the impact you believe you made on him –  is truly the most hilarious time to ever go through. The little voice in your head. The feeling. The atmosphere. There is definitely a whole lot of preparation and analysis – before, during, after - Please, don’t you just wish you won't screw it up?

Yes, indeed. There are a few rules that remain timeless for the WOW! date. For instance, you honestly need to look your (very) best, but not in a way that your outfit may be too revealing nor to have make it appear like you prepared for it way too long, way too much. Looking good... Looking fine ? Alright... Next step. There is a list of Don’t-s you are aware of; and should preferably avoid in any given circumstance. Talking about ex-boyfriends and your weird obsessions, for example, may appear on top of that list. Acting cool... Acting fine ? Alright... Next step. Finally, all know that the one essential tip to a perfect rendezvous is to simply be yourself.

Be myself... Be MYSELF?!?! Yes, about that, it’s actually not that easy when you are nervous like a wreck. It is not that you don’t have any trust in yourself, but you surely do not trust the YOU who is jumping all over the place! This is the part where self-confidence needs to kick in immediately. "You got it, girl! You know your thing! That it is, woman!

Hmm... Honestly, I hope he doesn’t realize that I’m a total freak!"


... But what if you did cross the line of the Don-t’s list? What if you were plain clumsy when that was the last thing you wanted to be? And what if, curiously enough, that actually made it funnier and you had a good time despite all the mistakes? Were you not ridiculously happy? At this point, you come to realize that having 
this kind of behavior i.e. being clumsy is also part of being... well, yourself. And of course, isn't it triggered by how much you like your date as well?

Your first impression after the WOW! date is truly the most hilarious time to go through as you also wonder how things can/might turn out in the near future. "Is there going to be a second date?" But when the first date's conclusion is that you had a whale of a time and laughed through the night – against all the odds - Please, don’t you just wish you won't screw that up? That little voice in your head. That feeling. That atmosphere. There was a whole lot of preparation; but for the first time for a first date, maybe not one bit of analyzing. It was so horrible, it was actually awesome.