Thursday, March 4, 2010


Behind this perfect smile,
A fragile soul in denial.

Though ridiculously time consuming,
Frustration remains an elusive thing.

Pretending all the time,
Now a real habit of mine.

Who goes through a rough patch,
Tires of standing still soon enough.

Moments with a treasured friend,
Stranger’s heart is on the mend.

I do not hold back my tears any longer,
With you, no need to push any further.

You feel my hands that are cold,
In your warm embrace, I unfold.


  1. written in response to "Black lies" in March 2010

  2. A call for help? A truly beautiful piece.

    Sorry, I have had trouble posting comments on quite a few blogs.

  3. Definitely, sometimes, i think people are afraid to open up, and end up keeping their difficult times to theirselves. When it shouldn't be the case.

    Thanks for the lovely comment, and no worries Judy, I'm just so glad you keep on coming back =)