Tuesday, June 22, 2010

2o something woman

When you turn 25, you may reach a certain point where you start thinking about all sorts of quite important things. Questions such as what are your accomplishments so far, what are your sincere sentiments towards your present status and the whereabouts of your plans for the future may come to mind, which would most probably and preferably require a few good answers on your part. Some like to call it going through some kind of crisis. However, I’d rather regard it as simply evaluating the past, present and future situation.

It dawns on you that you have stepped into a stage of your life where everything around and about you should either make a little more sense, or on the other hand, unfortunately still leave you slightly confused and clueless. This actual state of mind is of course but the result of this path called “your life (until now)”. With so many individuals, places, videos and photographs that have sustained it, reminiscing brings you to once again truly relive your incredible journey. How you remember your childhood. So cute, innocent and surely without the responsibilities you have today! How it was to experience the delicate years of teenage life, whether you enjoyed it immensely or really just feel like you’ve survived it! All know that trying to find a place in this world can be tough, especially during those crucial teenage years! And today, you acknowledge the woman you’ve become. This woman. Who she is, with all her assets and all her ‘little’ flaws.

Looking into the past stages of your life may somewhat seem like reading a book. Actually, yes, it is your biography. Having addressed this subject, going into your twenties compels you to embrace the reality that the chapters of you “growing up” have manifestly been written. Already. Doesn’t it feel like it went by like the blink of an eye?! It can be a weird feeling to accept that statement i.e. to be considered as a full grown woman, but the maturity and wisdom you have acquired so far also makes you aware of the fact that thus certainly doesn’t mean that you have stopped growing. Because you never do, there will always be so many different fields for you to explore and learn from! Growing goes hand in hand with utterly what life is all about. That is the beauty in all of this.

Look into the mirror. This face. This body. This woman. No one can deny that your twenties is being at the prime of your life. How insensitive the following may sound, you will never look lovelier than you do now. (Well, and of course, for the next couple of decades!) Furthermore, this period marks the end of your studies and the start of your career. How exciting can this change be ?! This is also the perfect age to still do those crazy 'CRAZY' stuff, go on a world tour, even find that man at your side, perhaps prepare a wedding and desire a baby as well. But let’s not be hasty, those chapters are still to be written. Let's be glad to be writing this one right now.