Monday, June 23, 2014

True Love

It all began on the night
I came back
Spotted one in the alley
Thought its bright pink
Had a pretty glow
In the dark.

Then I met one more
And another;
True Love spread
All over town
I would photograph
Each one
With my heart.

Starting to look for it
Proved to be
The wrong habit;
As it is written on the wall
That is when
I would least find it  --

And once I had forgotten
Out of nowhere
Someone out there
Made certain
It was now time
To be

True Love is everywhere
True Love comes
In all shapes and sizes
In the most symbolic places
On that brick
On a trash
At times spelled backwards
With a message
I would cogitate on
Long after.

The last one
Was that kind
Its sense

It read Love True
And in my heart of hearts
I knew;

What makes Love true
Is the way I love you.