Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A nice story

I would like to have
A nice story to tell
One that is jovial
And not one that ends
With a hero that fell.

I wish for once
The story could be nice
One that is abiding
Not purged in silence
With a heart broken again.

But it is all I ever share
Stories that are not well
And I wonder
When the tide will turn
If one day, it will be my turn.

Only so much I can bear
All I ever do is process
And I am not sure
Whether it will be my time
Have one I can make mine.

I am hoping for
This story to be my own
 The One that is nice
Not one that has to halt
With a pinch in the past. 

I daydream I will have
A nice story to tell
One that endures
And not one I can foresee
The One that I will never see
                                          The End.