Friday, February 24, 2012

In my book

In my book
You are far from bad
Thoughtful at day,
And sweet at night.
You try to include me
In your decision-making;
Because I have a voice, surely.

In my book
I am never waiting by the phone
Do not expect much,
And you will not hear me groan.
Not once I have to shrug,
Because at any given time
You shower me with hugs.

In my book
I am not taken for granted
You value my love
And I am not left feeling stranded.
There is no discrepancy,
Need not fight for attention
Because you say what you mean.

In my book
My heart is still;
Neither on ice nor fire
And not a bad feeling to kill.
If only I had the chance to rewrite
Because what is really wrong
Cannot bring you to make it right.