Wednesday, February 24, 2010

To infinity and beyond

Write your doubts in sand. 
Write your dreams on paper. 
Write your destiny in stone. 


  1. As usual loving the posts mi chica!

    Thanks for stopping by btw.. I really appreciated that comment (even if it was just a short one as you claim.. meant a lot ^^).. wish you were here so we could go have our thursday coffee ritual! *sigh*

    I know time heals all wounds or as you say time wounds all heals hehe.. I'm trying my best to keep myself preoccupied.. and if him and I are bound to meet again, then bahala nalang..

    Anyway, hope we can skype soon! I want to hear about your pinas trip and work and everything that's going on!

    Miss you loads. Love U! Bussis :-*

  2. hehe tried to make you laugh right there with inversing... it worked on me once upon a time ;-) exactly my love, kaya mo (nyo) yan.vKeep your spirits up!

    Thanks for the comment, always. Still stealing the net haha... but i'll keep you posted asap!

    love you chica. =)