Sunday, March 1, 2009

Milka liebt Erdbeer

Having been described as a “Waterfall Of Words” for as long as I can remember, I am the type of person who always managed to express herself without having much difficulty to really get what was on her mind through. I’ve been infatuated with WORDS ever since I could talk, listen, read and write. There are great speeches, songs and quotes that will forever echo in my head, masterpieces whose words were gently savored… And my heart melts each and every time such fabulous or even just simple words, of course wisely used, touch my soul. Words give us the freedom to not only put ourselves out there wholeheartedly and communicate, but one will always be surprised by the massive follow-through words and their meanings can procreate.

In my case, I would definitely say that it has been some sort of love/hate relationship when it comes to writing. Some days, words just flow out of my system (Don’t I love those days!?) Other times, focusing on the art of writing is my only mission (which, unfortunately, can become pretty frustrating.) But overall, God has been awesome to Milka liebt Erdbeer, that is me: by perpetually nourishing my love for writing and giving me the ability to explore words to the fullest.

Writing is my hobby… It is my passion… It is the one thing I could -- and will spend my life doing, working on, living for. People ask me why I love writing this much, the only answer I can give is that I cannot see myself doing anything else.

But there are occasions, like today, where you have absolutely no clue what to say exactly: when losing your words turns out to be something that is most unusual. How it does not matter that words have an easy way with you! Opting for confusion or a moment of weakness are probable reasons for this phenomenon, yet it seems as if there is something else -- different -- behind it. And it suddenly hits you as you get to realize that every so often, an authentic, pure and quiet... wordless instant suffice in order to once again remember why words have such an easy way with you: they exist to define incredible feelings. Indeed, irony kicks in as...

"Sometimes, it is just nice to remain in silence with someone."
- Milka liebt Erdbeer