Sunday, March 29, 2009

The last piece of the puzzle

- A song by nicole bataclan and ivan huerto - 

I’ve traveled countless roads before,
All these times, I wanted to take my boat off shore

In the search of something else, something new.
But what it was, I never really knew.

But now, it seems like the time has come
To come back to town, to settle down.
You were waiting there, as I went in.
I felt a rush, I felt it from within.

We'll cross the finishing line.
Together, everything will be fine.
You became my blanket, my perfect fleece
For this puzzle, my love, you are the last piece.

I was afraid, I was so alone.
Yet I didn't say stop. Just shouted: "Look above!" 
But never had I expected; you would be the one.

To say love, shout a whole lot of the above.

You were brave enough; you took a chance on me.
Across the sea, at the end of the road.
You managed to see, respect the real me.
When all thought it was too hard to decode.

We'll cross the finishing line
Together, everything will be fine.
You became my blanket, my perfect fleece
For this puzzle, my love, you are the last piece.

For this puzzle, my love, you are the last piece.



  2. A few weeks ago, one of my dearest and closest friends from Paris came up with a somewhat scary idea: he asked me to scribble some words, “anything” as he said, which he would then use as lyrics and find the music to it. I startled, because although writing is my heartbeat, I had never written any lyrics before. I had been familiarized with poetry in the past so I guess that was a good starting point. BUT THE PRESSURE WAS ON! I didn’t want to deceive him.

    I took the next few days thinking about this project: observing things and people around me, looking for inspiration; but nothing was good enough just yet; because “anything” is never “anything” for a woman like me… So I continued to wander around until I finally stopped trying. Suddenly, when I least expected it, it just “clicked” in my head. And as an aspiring writer, when you have those very special “click” moments; you grab the opportunity right away because you’ll know exactly what to do, what to say, what to write … how to express yourself. The result is the following poem I wrote. As soon as I finished it, I quickly sent it to my dearest, closest, superb musician friend Ivan Huerto.

    I was very excited because I only knew how to read the poem. Being tone deaf and not musically talented at all doesn’t help when trying to imagine a melody. So I was waiting (quite impatiently, I admit) for Ivan’s melody, the music he knew would fit the words perfectly … A few days later, Ivan finally gave me a call and it was time to listen very, very carefully. He played the poem-became-song through the phone and I can sincerely say, it became one of the most magnificent instants of my life. *MERCI MON PUCE*

    Of course poems are not lyrics and a few changes were needed, but to hear my words to the melody he chose is simply… indescribable. Ivan, it was not a scary idea at all, but such a bright one! I can write lyrics after all, thank you for believing in me! You did an awesome job and you put an off-the-hook smile on my face (, and vice-versa?! hehe!) I adore our first song! I’m proud of you, I’m even proud of myself and I’m so very proud of us. We are not –mon puce et ma puce- for nothing. So without further due, put your headphones and please enjoy…