Thursday, February 1, 2018

Bad habit

Twenty-one days,

They say,

Only twenty-one days

Til a new habit

Has a face ;

Kicking the one out

They wish to replace. 

I can and I will,

I have

Worn change

As a second skin.

Twenty-one days,

They say,

Rather a lifetime,

If I may. 

For true smokers hate quitting

Who are we kidding –

No switch for a cigarette lit ;

A new regime

To be a little more fit,

Ending cravings that will never leave

With alternatives. 

We persevere.

Like an alcoholic giving up the bottle ;

Not taking a drink will always be a battle.

Twenty-one days,

They say,

Forever, if I may.

I love my bad habits ;

Glory is in continuing 

(to quit).