Friday, June 15, 2012

First impressions are not the last

Lest we forget
The moment we sat
The sun was down
But expectations were met.
We need not stretch so hard
Laughed and talked
As if we already knew
That we were on the same card.

First impressions count
It is the stepping stone
The one of many
Of journeys that bounce.
Assured they will last
That what I think of you now
Will only get better
In time, they will just adjust.  

What lovely miscalculation
Some perfect first meetings
Deceptive they will seem
A way to digression.
Baffled to be so wrong
Chemistry was on spot
So what a shock it will be
Not listening to the same song.

Then it is a two-way street
First impressions are key
But especially when they are not 
It is no reason to be stuck.
Lest we forget, it is what we build
Through the course of time
That is the momentum of thrills
For the last impression is the one that lasts.