Thursday, April 22, 2010

One-way street

Over time, it either grows or diminishes,
For Love can never be a constant.


  1. Love is sweet but there is always an ebb and flow. It is a very lovely thought.

  2. I think most of the time it does diminish. Perhaps I'm a cynic

  3. @Valerie Wangnet @ SQ
    Thank you ladies for your comment! As always, they are dearly appreciated. I had a thought about this subject after a discussion I recently had about... well, love. (^_^) And when I heard "I love him/her just the same"... I couldn't help but disagree with it. You cannot, can never, love the person just the same. Yes, I agree with "I STILL love him/her" but not the statement above.

    I sincerely believe that the love we have for someone, not necessarily in a romantic way, grows or fades away in time because a lot factors nourish or kills that feeling: the experiences you share, the memories you get from these, the issues you overcome, the good times you have, which the place they hold in your heart yesterday, today and tomorrow. Therefore, love is always changing. For the better or worse. But I do know that all the people I love, I love them more than I did years ago. :)

    Cheers ladies and i wish you a happy happy weeke