Thursday, January 7, 2010

How to organize a dinner party

I wrote this instructional essay for my Academic Writing class.

A dinner party is always a special happening to look forward to. To put it more simply, it is just so exciting and fun to go to one! However, organizing a party yourself demands a lot of thought and effort. You are going to spend hours -- even days -- going through every single detail. Therefore, here are some of the essentials to prepare for a successful event. 

First, you must have a guest list so that you can provide sufficient number of tables and chairs in time. If there are not enough at your disposal, friends will surely be keen on helping you. Then you arrange the tables and chairs. For the seating assignment, it is up to you: would you rather have a seating arrangement or free seating? If you choose the first scenario, do not forget to make name tags. Next, you should select a particular theme to put a little spice in the evening. Whether you are planning a small gathering between close friends or family, or an important celebration with a bigger crowd, a little drama helps to create the perfect soiree. You transform your home into a circus, a gala or even an exotic paradise -- even if it is just for a few hours.

After you have chosen a theme, you put the decoration into place. On this particular occasion, imagine an evening in wonderful Asia. Orchids and bamboos are sure to set the mood so do bright colors such as orange, green and red. You should make sure to set your tables with these colors to attract your guests' attention immediately. They will praise you for that extra touch. Furthermore, you could also use dim light to create a more intimate atmosphere.

Afterwards, you take the most important part of the party into account: the food. For appetizers, keep it simple. Put chips or peanuts into little bowls in different corners of the room. Then, you carefully select the three-course menu. To prepare more is always advisable, expecting that some of your guests could (and would) clearly be mesmerized by your talent as a chef. Getting help from a cookbook or a friend is a must. Asian food (and why not mix dishes from different countries?) being our theme for the dinner party, you can cook Chinese wan-ton or Thai tom yam soup for starters. Next, you offer Philippine chicken adobo with white rice as the main course. Finally, serve Japanese green tea ice-cream for dessert. Taking ten to fifteen-minute breaks between the courses is recommended. 

Last but not least, the key to a delightful dinner party is to have drinks all night long. Provide bottles of red and white wine, still and sparkling water and various juices. Place these with crystal clear glasses on a tray or a table. Bring out the coffee and tea with dessert and suggest digestifs such as brandy or cognac at the very end. 

Finally, once you are finished with the whole organization, it is now time to relax and enjoy your beautiful party. Cheers!