Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tattoo love

Thinking about love is like thinking about a tattoo.
You've considered it, dreamt about it. You want it.
Yet it can take years to find what fits. But when it suddenly hits you, it just feels right to jump. 

Choosing true love is like choosing your tattoo.
You are afraid and hesitant until the moment you finally make up your mind about it.
But then, you let your heart open and wish for the very best.

Finding your true love is like getting your tattoo.
At first, you might go through a rough patch: make faces, cry and bleed.
But you suck it all in and know it was worth it at the end. 

Seeing your one true love everyday is like seeing your beautiful tattoo.
Everyday, and until your last breath,
It changes you: becoming a part of you, truthfully defining you. 

Loving your love is loving your tattoo. You cannot live without,  
And you ask yourself: Who was I before I had you?