Saturday, June 11, 2011

Love from my shades

- Love from my shades - 
a poem by Nicole Bataclan  

I used to have this song on repeat.
It brightened up my day, and it followed me to sleep.
Like a child that picked his number one candy,
I adored it; eating from the palm of my hand, word after word.
And as I hummed the melody, I hummed...
As if it were the only existing, most beautiful sound in the world.

Now, hidden in the dark, far from daylight; my heart breaks.
It takes me by surprise every time; God knows I cannot fake.
I close my eyes slowly, it all starts to feel heavy.
Every stroke on the guitar, the bass remains steady.
Can you hear the drums, and how Anthony perfects it?
The rhythm revives the used-to-be, reminds me it was not meant to be.

Sing for me, please, play it once again for me.
I listen, chords and words. And it is finally dawn, sunrise becomes me.
Pain, it brings no more. Sad tears, I ceased to accumulate.
I am not bitter: to this song, him, I no longer associate.
Lyrics and melody, Red Hot memories; from this day on,  intertwined with mine, only mine.
I see love from my shades. Created a new memory; untainted, bright like sunshine.